My Next Big thing: Learning JavaScript!

It’s been 05 years that I have been thinking about learning some very concrete Computer programming skills. But owing to professional obligations and some own laziness, I just kept this goal on back burner. But now I am done with all this procrastination and now I really want to start JavaScript as one of the first computer languages I will ever learn in my life.

In order to make myself answerable and to track my progress, I am going to give myself six months to learn and be proficient enough to make something of my own by using JavaScript.

I also realize that for being really good at it, I will have to spend years, not just months. It’s not something which you can be proficient in a matter of 180 days. So what I need is to be just be good to the extent of understanding the language and be able to materialize my ideas into JavaScript language.

For this purpose I have chosen the online way of learning and have bought Udemy Course. The instructors looks interesting guy, and I got the feel that yes, he can make me learn easily.

Wish me all the best, guys!

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