Hello Again…

Today I opened my website after a long time to see what’s going on here on WordPress.

I was pleased to see that most of the blogs that I follow are still writing on a regular basis. This shows you all are really committed with this self-disciplined thing.

I am going to join you again in this writing journey.

And, I will start from today.

I learned an interesting thing about performance.

Performance = Potential – Interference

This means that your performance will always be equeal to your potential but minus all the hurdles.

The more problems you will have the less impressive your performance will be.

Hence, it is important that in order to perform better or in order to achieve your goal, you try to minimize all the barriers.

And, how you gonna do it?

Simple, you will think about all the problems that are bound to come your way.

Let’s suppose, you want to start learning something new. Some kind of skill that will make sure that you get ahead in your career.

Now, for learning a new skill you need time and money. Maybe you are the person who has enough time but not money. Or, vice versa.

You will think about the interference that you are facing and then plan how you can minimize it.

If it’s the time that you are lacking, then you can go and plan how you can take some time out for learning something new. You can plan to wake up early in the morning, like, 5:00 AM. So that, you can focus on learning and doing practice when the world is sleeping.

And, if your problem is money. You can think about saving a little every month till you become able to afford your learning fee. Or, you can devise a plan wherein you can get that education for free (online).

So, this is how you are going to have a great performance at whatever you want in life. Just try to minimize all the barriers!


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