The Summer Heatwave, Dehydration & My Insane Water Intake

Nowadays, my city (Karachi) is facing another phase of heatwave. It has become hard to go outside as the weather is too harsh.

Naturally, it has affected my health as well. And it all started last month when I was fasting and there was this heat problem. I was unable to maintain my water level and that caused me to get de-hydrated.

And with de-hydration I started to feel a bit weaker and confused about what’s happening to me. Where my all the energy has gone, I used to wonder.

De-hydration also has caused a problem to my stomach, as I have such that it has to be remained filled with water all the time.

Now that I can eat and drink all the Halal things, I have decided to tank myself with a lot of water.

From morning to 4:00 PM (now), I have emptied one whole 1.5-liter bottle. The second one is under progress, lol.

I am feeling better. I am feeling light.

Also, I did a little research on why water is important for our body with the intention to remind you and myself about the importance of taking a good quantity of water every day.

Here are my findings:

Now, it’s obvious that we drink more water in the summer and less water in the winter or during low temperature days. I learned that we shouldn’t be dependent on the external temperature. Our body needs at least 8 glasses of water every day.

So everybody, make it a routine to drink water no matter what the season.

I found one confusion in the article about how much water one should take but found that doctors haven’t reached a consensus on quantity.

Here’s the link:

But in my opinion, one should take enough water so that their urine is transparent. This is the yardstick of a hydrated body.

Drinking enough water also helps your metabolism. As you get your stomach and whole the digestive system in a state where it becomes easy for it to digest the food.

Also, your sufficient water intake is good for your two tiny kidneys and your macho liver.

All the beautiful and young-looking people I have read about say that the secret to their skin and beauty is drinking a lot of water.

Clearly, water has oxygen in it. And, our blood needs oxygen to carry to every part of the body. If our whole body is oxygenated and fully hydrated, it means that our aging process will be slower.

We can look younger, smarter and sexier for a longer period of time.

However, you can decrease one or two glasses of water if you are eating or drinking something which is full of H20. For example, cucumbers are full of water. So is the watermelon.

It will be wise of you if you completely relinquish drinking Pepsi, 7up or other such beverages. But, if you like these soda things too much, then do yourself a favor and do some walking. Going to the gym on a regular basis will also be very useful.


One response to “The Summer Heatwave, Dehydration & My Insane Water Intake”

  1. This is a great reminder, and important too. I myself exercise a lot, so I need to take in ample salt to balance out all the water I’m drinking too, since after a certain time, my body will not be able to hold onto all that water without some salt.

    I sometimes also make a cocktail of apple cider vinegar, lemon, salt, and cream of tartar to get the minerals I need. But this is because 8 glasses is on the low side for me, so anyone else with more normal water intake should do what fits them best. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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