On 500 Likes!

I opened the WordPress app and saw that notification that my blog posts have been liked 500 times! Actually, 501 times.

I am feeling really thankful for all the love that I have got from my WordPress family.

I never thought my thoughts will be of some interest to anybody. But I had this in mind that I have to keep writing and keep sharing my thoughts irrespective of any external motivation. I first came to do some practice! 😇

Special thanks goes to my WordPress fellow, Imane, for always being there. She gave me a reason to be here everyday. I think it helps a lot when you know that the thing you are going to say will be heard by somebody.

I also am thankful to all the other friends who have followed me here. And, also to those who just paused for a little on my blog, liked the post, and then disappeared forever!

Thanks again, I will come up with my routine post later today. This was just a thank you post!


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