Content Writing


Content marketing is the soul of every online business. It’s content through which you can get a chance to find new customers and retain existing ones. By your ever coming content, you are establishing your authenticity and trust with your customers. Also, keeping your website always fresh helps you rank better.

By generating content constantly, you are sending signals to your audience that you are a serious entrepreneur and that you are accessible and are always there to solve problems of your clients.

Content is the number reason for any business’s growth. Once you are successful in getting new customers through your engaging and educating content, then you can change them into your regular readers by offering them solutions to their problems related to your niche.

Through educating such new-comers through your content, you can then change them into regular readers and finally, you can make them your loyal customers.
According to a HubSpot survey, only 35% of total content marketing companies have a solid content strategy. The rest of the world is just producing content without giving it a proper thought. Here’s a big chance for you to make a difference by making a mixture of content creation tactics to become more trustworthy and stand out.

Traditional content creation practice

The normal practice nowadays is being followed is to create content, share it on Facebook and Twitter with making videos on YouTube. For many online businesses, this content creation strategy is working fine. But the problem is that almost every business is doing the same thing so its now hard to cut through the noise and stand out.
In this post, I am going to add three types of content that can be really useful in attracting more people towards your website and business.

Q&A Content

Q&A type content creation gives your readers/customers to know more about you and your services. Similarly, it is also a door opener towards your customers’ mind. Q&A content lets you know what type of questions are there in your audience minds. This helps in improving your content, service or product. Q&A content is one the best source when you want to get engaged with your audience. It helps you to create more content that your audience really wants to read and learn about.

Some popular Q&A sites include:

Quora: It is the world’s number one Questions and Answers website. Here people ask questions and then those who know the answer come up and submit the best one. This is very engaging and rewarding platform as Quora rewards contributors with different badges (views and top author) showing how valuable they have been for the Quora community.

Take this opportunity to reach new people and answer their questions. This way you can bring more customers to your business and towards your website.

Reddit: This platform is also very useful when it comes to Q&A type content. Here, people post their questions and you can answer them. This will help in establishing trust and bringing more visitors to your website.

HARO: Help A Reporter Out is a website that connects 35,000 reporters or journalists with experts. All you have to do is to subscribe with HARO and then you will receive daily emails in which journalists ask questions. If you find any question related to your business or expertise, you can answer them. This way, you will be mentioned in that journalist’s article. This mention in a journal is very beneficial for your website ranking and will help you get noticed by a wide audience as well.


This type of content is the most engaging and memorable type of content. But there is a downside to it. It’s really hard to make engaging infographics. For this, you will need to have designers and couple of researchers by your side.

Here’s the example of one very engaging infographics made by This type of information can’t be presented well in words, so it is handy to make infographics for it. Reason? Such information that is complex is easier to deliver in these infographics rather than in text format.


This is the power of infographics. It reaches to reader’s mind and heart. Surveys also show that such type of graphics gets many more shares than simply written content. It’s challenging feat to make one but worth it. By the way, you can hire for making such beautiful infographics as well.


Interactive content is the one that combines, visuals texts and videos. In order to engage readers further, you can take help of Quizzes. According to one survey, Quiz type content get more shares than any other content. Because it is engaging, personal and interactive; so people share such results of the Quizzes with their friends on Social Media. After seeing the results of their friends, more people try out the Quiz and that make this thing viral. This is also a medium that offers more interactivity and learning for your audience. Take some time out and brainstorm about making some interesting Quizzes related to your niche and then see the magic happen.

Making content work for you

Every business has its own needs. It will be wise to first check out which type of content will help you reach more audience. Whether it can be Q&A type content that will help you get more leads, or its Infographics or Quizzes. Your time and money are precious. Therefore, invest in the right type of medium that can help you achieve your business goals and make the difference in your customers’ life.

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