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6 Phrases that Kill Your Credibility with Clients

Credibility is the most important factor in determining how successful you can become in the field of freelancing or any other independent profession.

Same goes for the relationships as well. If you don’t enjoy trust with your spouse or with any other relationship, you are not going to have that person in your life for a longer period of time.

Your success in life, your money making capability, and your winning contracts more than often depend on how credible, trustworthy, expert, and experienced you are.

The number one thing to win your client’s heart is ‘honesty’. If you are being honest about the hurdles, problems and about how better you can do your job, credibility is likely to get a boost. And this doesn’t happen overnight. Good things take time. Be patient. Trust comes with time and experience.

I have observed that many freelancers find that there is a lot of competition out there. And, due to this reason, they bid low for a high effort demanding job. Result? A poor outcome and poor delivery of work.

Yes, it’s often really embarrassing to admit some of your faults, or sometimes we feel tempted to over-promise, but there is no shortcut to building credibility. You will have to invest your time, energy and hard work to make yourself credible enough.

The best approach to avoid killing your reputation is to be realistic about your job. When applying for a freelancing job, analyze the time and effort that you are going to put in. Only after that apply and bid for the contract.

In your proposal, you can tell your potential client regarding why you are bidding high. If you can convince that you are a premium freelancer and that you will provide error-free work, your client will understand and is likely to hire you.

Understand that every job is not for you. There will be rejections, deal with them with a big heart. Some clients aren’t that good with their freelancers, happens. Always choose wisely, after making a sound research.

Choosing the right client is very important. One good paying client can save you looking for many clients. You just have to find out few guys, who really need you. Once you find them, don’t let them go. Do your work with full honesty, hard work, and passion. Keep them satisfied. They will keep returning to you.

The benefits of choosing a right client are that you won’t have to work a lot for less money. Less work with handsome pay is going to keep you away, focused and will help you deliver the best work. Here are the six phrases that kill your credibility with clients.

Here are the six phrases that kill your credibility with clients.

  1. I guarantee that with this tactic your sale will increase by 50%“. (Don’t guarantee, it sounds pushy)
  2. “Sorry, I couldn’t deliver on time”. (Perhaps you need to explain in detail. Why late happened, be honest, your client will understand)
  3. “We call it “IMMS” in our professional language”. Don’t use jargon with your client. Explain technical terms to them. Use simple English. This will build credibility.
  4. In your case number looks bad, but this tactic has worked for our other clients”. A big turn off. Don’t say such things to your clients.
  5. “I just don’t think that approach is going to work.” Don’t be too judgemental. If your client is asking you to do something he thinks is right, do it.
  6. Does that make sense?” Such questions trigger uncertainty.

I hope you will avoid these six phrases and will try to bridge credibility gap between you and your clients. Work less but on quality. Promise realistically and always deliver on time.

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