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102 Ways to Source Content Ideas

I have always been coming with new content and this makes my readers think and ask: From where do you get fresh content ideas each time for your blog posts?

I will be honest about the times I face writer-block, yes this happens to me too. But getting new ideas for writing content for my website has never been a problem for me.

Actually, you just have to observe what’s going on in the world with a keen eye, and you will never be short of ideas to write about.

Observation is one important thing to get inspiration for writing, the other thing which you need is a set of tricks and tools to help you find fresh ideas and prompts to write for your blog or website.

Today I am going to share the list of each and every source I have been using to create my fresh, insightful and relevant blog posts with you. These sources can help you do anything you want to do for achieving your content marketing goals, i.e. writing blog posts, an ebook, or for broadcasting a podcast.

Here is that list, with one caveat before we begin.

Brainstorming content ideas needs problem-solving mindset

Whenever you sit down for brainstorming probable content ideas for your blog, you need to go into the problem-solving mindset. The purpose for writing content is to educate your audience and to solve their problems.

Now the question is: how you are going to educate them and solve their problems?

For doing that, you will need to go and look for questions your audience is either asking directly in the comments section of your blog or by going online and searching on Google.

Think about what are the pain point of your audience and how you can bring the best solution to them.

For example, take my case.I am a blogger who comes up with frequent fresh content. This is what I know and I want to help people who searching for questions”how to come up with fresh content ideas?”

Similarly, think about the niche you in and try to figure out what are the problems of your audience and how can you solve them.

The more relevant your content will be the more clicks it will get from the people who need you to help them.

This is it: the first thing to do is to make your mindset about being a problem-solver and come up with questions you are going to answer through your valuable blog posts and titles.

Now, let’s get into the sources of content ideas!

1. Quora and Yahoo can help you much

If you want to know what people are really thinking, or are interested in, or are wondering about, you just need to go at Quora. Simply type in the topic your readers are interested in or the name of your industry, and you will start finding questions that you can turn into content.

Quora is the world’s best Q&A website where people come and discuss things about everything you can think of.

All you have to do is to type your question as I did in the picture below (content ideas for blog) and Quora will bring you many questions related to your query. Simply type in the topic your readers are interested in or the name of your industry, and you will start finding questions that you can turn into content.

Now you have the question and you know exactly what your target audience is struggling with.

2. Industry-Specific Forums

You may be thinking industry-specific forums are the things of past, true that. But still, there is a lot you can get from these platforms. As these are the industry-specific forums, you will be able to get first-hand very specific questions because people normally ask, share and discuss things related to their field there.

Action: Go to Google and type {your industry} forum and you are going to receive a list of forums where you can go and get leads for your content.

In Google I typed “Content Strategy Forum” and I got this.

Content Strategy Forum is a good source for talking to other people who are generating content for their websites. It has also a rich knowledge-base for producing awesome content.

In your case, go to Google and type your [industry name+forum] and you will be taken to your own niche forum.

3. Online Groups (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus)

The third source I often look for is online groups. You can find a lot of them on Facebook, LikedIn, Google Plus, and even on WhatsApp. In such groups, people often share posts, questions, and talk about current happenings. I hope you will find this source very useful for generating content ideas as I have got benefit from these platforms myself.

Beware of groups where posts are being published like crazy. Such groups are normally spam groups. Look for those who offer quality and engaging audience.

4. Industry Publications: Popular Titles and Topics

Find some industry publications related to your niche. In those publications, you can get the idea of things that are trending currently. You can get the sense of what type of titles and topics are being read and shared. Such indicators will give you the idea whether you should write an article on the specific topic or not.

Also, you can take inspiration from such industry publications and write on the topic they have already written on. Sure, you will create genuine content. Take the inspiration from them and then try to write even bigger, detailed and engaging posts on the same topic. See where they did lack and how can you bring a new angle into the hot topic of your niche.

5. Industry Publications: Comment Sections

Comment sections of your specific industry publications can also become a good source of knowledge about your target audience wants and is looking for. In comments, people normally give additional knowledge about the topic being discussed or ask related questions. Make use of such questions and try to answer them in your own posts and then you can go back to that article and share it with their audience.

6. Social Media: People You Follow

Influential and your favorite personalities in your niche can be a handy way collecting content ideas. See what are they talking about nowadays. Learn from them, how they write their posts, how they craft their headlines, at what time do they publish their posts, etc. You just need to make your observation skill sharper. Always have a learning mind and open eyes.

In my case, I regularly visit Seth Godin’s Twitter Profile to know what he has posted. Seth writes short, full of wisdom posts, that gives me some food for thought, every day.

7. Social Media: People Who Follow You

People who follow you are also a source you can count on for getting new and fresh ideas. See what are they up to and what are they talking about. I have some followers who are successful bloggers, internet marketers, journalists, and CEOs. My time spent on these social networks really pays off.

8. Social Media: Hashtags

I am the believer in Hashtag power. I usually search what other people are saying about a topic I am interested in writing on Twitter.

There, I go and write something after a Hashtag, like #ContentMarketing. Twitter brings me all the recent and popular tweets that contain a hashtag #ContentMarketing.

Similarly, I also insert intentional Hashtags in my posts so that people who are interested in my topic can find my topic and me easily.

Do this and you will never be short of ideas for writing a post for your target audience.

9. Social Media: Questions People Ask Industry Influencers

Who are the top influential people in your niche? Do a research and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. This action will serve two purposes.

  1. New Ideas straight from the influential personality
  2. A chance to see what his or her followers are asking from that guy. It’s normal that people will comment a lot of questions they want to get answered by such an industry expert.

Normally, that industry expert won’t have enough time to reply each question in detail. So here is an opportunity for you. Write detailed answers to the questions asked and provide the concrete and actionable solution to their problems.

11. LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare is a place full of ideas and knowledge to gain from. Go to this website for getting the first-hand experience of how does a specific topic is performing. Look for how many likes and downloads that topic has gotten. If you are trying to write on a new topic that you don’t know much, SS can be really helpful. You can download the slides of that topic and can gain a lot of information quickly. Get the ideas from those slides and then expand them into your article or blog post.

12. YouTube: Industry Videos

As the videos are becoming more popular and engaging source of content, YouTube is the place where you can find inspiration and ideas. See, what type of videos are performing well there. Search “How to” videos, why videos, where, and what videos and chances are you will get a ton of quality content to write for your own audience.

13. Instagram Feeds and Comments

Instagram Feeds and comments can also work for you. Look for influentials, experts, CEOs and famous bloggers of your niche there. Readout comments and see what problems do your target audience have that you can solve.

14. Interviews

Interviewing someone who is an expert in your industry can become a source of inspiration, knowledge, and motivation for you.

Find out someone who can be generous enough to spare some time for you. Once you have got the appointment, try to jot down a list of questions you would ask. This will help you remain focused and will save a lot of time for both of you. Preparing ahead for an interview is crucial. This way you will be able to get all the ideas you want and the chances of missing something important will become fairly low.

This will help you remain focused and will save a lot of time for both of you. Preparing ahead for an interview is crucial. This way you will be able to get all the ideas you want and the chances of missing something important will become fairly low.

15. External Roundups

You can also think about going for an external roundup for your website. Go to the internet and select 10–15 top-notch articles and share it with your readers. This will help you commit to some serious reading and will also help your audience learn something new from other experts as well.

After sharing other’s work on your website, you can send an email to that person telling him you have shared this article on your website. He will be thankful and can become your friend and will be glad to share your work with his audience as well.

16. Internal Roundups

In internal roundup, you explore your own published articles and choose some best articles and send them to your audience via newsletter. This can bring all those dead but awesome articles back to life. Do this when you are too busy to write new content and that you want to remain on top of your audience’s mind.

17. Surveys

Surveys can bring value to your content strategy. Ask your readers things you want to work on for bringing more ease to their life. Ask them questions like, “on what topic you want me to write on?” or question like, “Do you find my articles really helpful?”.

Your readers are your best judge. Learn from what you are getting in survey feedback and improve on it.

18. Your Website: Comment Sections

The obvious way where you can look for producing more content is to see what people are asking for your website’s comment section. You will often find that the questions people are asking are worth writing another post. So here you go, no worries for generating new ideas.

19. Your Website: FAQ Sections

Frequently Asked Questions section of your website can become a source of generating new posts, ebooks, and podcasts for you. See, what type of questions people are navigating often and how can you expand those questions in a way to help your customers and readers more efficiently.

20. Competitor Websites: FAQ Sections

Someday take some time out and visit your competitor’s FAQ section. Compare your FAQs with their FAQs and see if there is something missing on your side. If so, bring that question to your site as well. This will help in keeping your customers more clear about your services and products.

21. Conference Q&A Sessions with Experts

Attending conferences of experts is a unique and rewarding experience. This way, you can have a lot of ideas for writing and this direct interaction with the expert can bring motivation, insight, and more knowledge into your wisdom bank account.

Also, note down the questions people normally ask in such conference at the end of expert’s presentation or speech.

See if you can invest your time and money in attending such Conferences related to your interest and field.

22. Conference Agendas

Have a look at the agenda of the conference you are attending. This will give you an idea about the ‘importance’ of the topic and how all the topics are arranged. You can make a lot of content out of these agenda points.

23. Conference Roundtable Discussions

Conference roundtable discussions are the rich source for content development. See, what type of questions people are asking and how can you build some awesome, long, and insightful posts from those questions. Also, it will be an awesome opportunity for you too, different minds come up with different questions, so there must be something you will be learning through such questions and answers with the expert/speaker.

24. Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives are the people who remain in constant touch with the customers. They know better than anyone what are the pain points of the customers, what they do like, what they don’t like and where are the areas a company or agency should improve. Have a talk with such Customer Service Representative. Discuss your ideas with her and maybe she will help you in getting the right direction for maximizing your success probability.

25. Salespeople

Just like customer Service Representatives, Salespeople are also a source of in-depth knowledge about customer behavior, inclination, and interests. Try to fix a friendly meeting with a salesperson and try understand marketing world from his worldview.

26. Product/Service Experts

It is part of my routine to have discussions with experts in my field. I remain in touch with them because they are the source of very valuable information. I often send emails to Seth Godin asking him about things I don’t know what to do about. And thanks to him, he is generous to reply back. This approach will work for you too. Try to build some heart-to-heart connection with Product or service experts in your niche. Learn from them, since they have a lot of experience and knowledge about their field.

27. Popular Posts on Your Site

Popular posts on your websites are a good source of inspiration and an indication that people are getting interest in this specific topic. Try to bring variation and depth in the topic by writing more blog posts on the same topic but with a different angle. Posts that are already popular is a guarantee that your new posts on the same topic but with a little variation are going to be a hit.

28. Announcements

Have you made any announcement at your blog recently? Are you going to write an E-Book, hold a webinar or going to introduce some new application? Such announcement can be turned into blog posts, hence given you something really helpful to write about. Just don’t announce, explain your goals and passion with the readers.

29. Webinars

Almost every expert in the online field is holding webinars time to time. Some are paid, some are free but believe me, these virtual events are the source of quality content, new knowledge, and connection building. Subscribe to influential people in your field and see if they are going to hold a webinar. If so, subscribe to attend and learn things that will help you become a better version of yourself.

30. An Industry Outsider

Someone who has nothing to do with your field can also become a source of new ideas for you. She will come up with questions you barely noticed can be asked, hence giving you an opportunity to see your own world from a very new perspective.

31. Webmaster Tools

Of course, this is the favorite subject of our person who is doing something online for driving traffic and knowing what should she write about. Google Webmaster has a set of tools that can really help you decide what keywords you should focus to write about and what’s the trend of a specific topic in your field.

32. Website Analytics

Google Analytics can help you see who are your visitors, what’s their age, demography, the type of technology they are using (Tablet, mobile, or desktop PC). How long do they stay on your website, what type of content/posts are they reading? Which country they belong to? What is their behavior, from which page they go to the next page, what is their bounce rate? Such type of information is very important to take a wise decision regarding your content strategy.

Please note that there are other websites analytics tools other than Google Analytics. Here’s the list of some paid and free WA websites just in case you want to try something else than Google. But I prefer Google Analytics, as its free and looks quite authentic to me.

33. Google Search Box Suggestions

Google Search box is one of the reliables yet sometimes funny sources of getting ideas about what you should plan to write next. Google autocomplete feature keeps in its memory what people normally type to search. So it is a tested way of writing something people are really looking for. In the example below, I just wrote Content Ideas and Google has come up with content ideas for social media, for Instagram, for a website, and for Facebook. I can understand that nowadays when it comes to content, people are interested and searching for ideas that fit social media sites and for their own websites.

34. Google Related Searches

Another viable place to look for inspiration is the bottom of Google’s first page. This is an indication that what type of articles people are searching related to their main Keyword. Try this someday and you will feel quite confident about how to devise your content strategy.

35. Controversy

Controversial topics have the tendency of getting viral, grabbing your audience attention, and getting a lot of engaged traffic in form of comments and shares. Have a close eye on controversial topics of your field and try to write one detailed, fact-based post about that controversy.

Here’s very insightful and actionable post about how to write controversial topics. Writing such type of content is an art that you must learn, practice and become the master of it.

36. HARO

Help A Report Out is the platform from where you can hope to get mentioned in someone’s article, case study or research. It’s a website where reporters ask questions on a daily basis. See, if there’s a question you can answer with authenticity. If the reporter liked your answer, he will mention you in his post. The other benefit of HARO is that you can have a Live view of what type of questions, facts, and stories people are searching for at the Internet.

37. Popular Industry E-Newsletters

Subscribe to at least 15 E-Newsletters of your industry to get a feel for what topics are being covered. I have subscribed to many influential bloggers. Every day, there is something new I learn about my niche and get inspired to write.

Here’s a link to a page that can teach you the importance of having an E-Newsletter for your website.

Have a look at my Gmail Inbox where I receive a lot of emails from the influential people in my niche. Due to lack of time, I can’t read every email but still, I try to read the one that looks more promising, and worth my time.

One key: you’re looking at e-newsletters that your customers subscribe to.

38. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is the best way to know what’s going on in your field on a daily basis. You just need to save some Keywords in the Google Alerts for example, “Happiness, Motivation, Donald Trump News, Breaking News, Workplace Safety, etc”. Once you have set up your account, you will get emails whenever something new will be published on the Internet.

(A post, that will teach you how to set up Google Alerts.)

Here’s the screenshot of my Google Alert Email. I have subscribed to the keyword “Introverts”. I get new updates about this words every day and remain in the know what people are talking about, what stories are they sharing, or what new survey is revealing about the introvert people.

39. Internal Data

If you are a big company and you have enough data to make a report from it, then go ahead and share your insights. Make a report about your findings with beautiful infographics and share it with your valuable readers. Such unique information is really helping to make you stand out.

40. Industry Statistics

Check what industry statistics are talking about nowadays. What are the current trends, how many percentages of people are moving from Desktop PCs to mobile, how many companies are using new vs old strategies? Such type of information can help you make informed decisions about your online business and can also help your audience become more aware of the current affairs of the niche you are in. There is a lot of content opportunity there in industry statistics, I hope you have come to believe this too.

41. Experiments

Give yourself tough time and indulge in some kind of experiment or challenge. Set a goal and announce it on your website. People will be interested in your challenge and experimentation and will often feel compelled to come back for knowing how far you have reached in achieving your goal.

Here’s an example: How I’m Going to Achieve the $100k a Month Challenge without Using My Name. This is a post by Neil Patel in which he is trying a new experiment of making 100k a month without using his name and influence. This post acted as a teaser for his audience. In one post, he would announce I have hired a content writer, next week he would announce, we have written 10 articles, in next week he would tell we are doing SEO and on and on and on… This way he is keeping his audience engaged and forcing them to come back next week too.

Try such types of experiments at your website too. This will help you remained focused to achieve your experiment in a successful way and also will make sure your subscribers come back every week to support you.

42. Internal Website Search Queries

These are the queries which your readers type to land on your website. Now, these search queries are the indication that your website is performing well and is well indexed for those keywords. It will be wise for you to make more posts out of these keywords to gain more visitors.

43. Popular Content Types from Other Industry Publications

You can make use of popular content by making a list of top freelancers, bloggers, service providers, news channels, at your website. You can go on and award them some honor as well.

I had made a post of motivational blogs for the year-2016 by keeping in view this method of content generation. Of course, this post performed well and got me a lot of thanks from the bloggers I had mentioned in my list.

44. Content Topic Generators

Following two content topic generators are good to shape beautiful, attractive and clickable headlines.

45. Self-Help Magazines

You can also get inspiration from some quality Self-Help magazines. They are the master of producing awesome, catchy headlines and post ideas.

Here are the three examples.

Psychology Today
O, The Oprah Magazine

46. Local News Broadcasts

Your local news can give you something to think and write about. Spend half an hour listening to the news while going home in your car or watch news headlines at 9:00 pm.

47. Local Business Networking Events

Such events are great for meeting new people and exchanging thoughts. If you haven’t been to such event before, try to go in one. You will meet both interesting and boring people there. Just filter out what type of person you want to hang on with. Talk about life, talk about your passion, encourage her to ask your questions. This will help in looking things with fresh perspective.

48. Local Newspapers (Opinions, Letters to the Editor)

Of course, this is was the obvious point. Nowadays, keeping track of news is easy. Just go online and read some news and editorial pages at New York Times, Guardian, and Washington Posts.

49. Personal Mistake Analysis

You can go honestly on your website and share gravest mistakes you have ever made.

Such confessions will improve your relationship with your audience and will help them avoid the same mistake if they ever have to face the situation you faced.

50. Personal Success Analysis

The other side of mistakes is “success”. You can tell all about your success journey too. People will not only like it but also will be more than happy to share your story with their friends and will get inspiration from your successful career.

You can change so many lives!

51. Amazon’s Top Industry Book Lists

Amazon is the hub of almost every product that we use in our daily lives. But here, I will just remain focused on how to use Amazon for our content generating ideas.

What I do is this: I look for top-selling books, and analyze their genre. Not all books, but many of books do share their Content page as the preview. I check it for seeing the table of the content page of the book. This trick gives me an opportunity to make my own outline on a subject I am going to write by getting inspiration from the book author.

52. Your Forecasts for the Future

You can come up with interesting, genuine forecasts for writing your blog posts. What do you think what’s going to happen in your niche in coming two, three or five years? What about global warming, next President of the United States, anything.

Think deep and come up with some insightful forecasts. Your audience will appreciate your depth of thinking and maybe some of your forecasts actually turn true.

53. An Idea Notebook or Journal

Do you keep a writing journal with you all the time? Great, if you do. Come on, if you don’t.

Keeping a journal is thought one of the best ways to capture new thoughts and ideas. All the big stars, writers, poets are known for having a journal all the time.

For motivating you for keeping a journal for noting down ideas, I have a link to share with you.

10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Keeping a Journal.

I hope, by the end of this journal post you will be a changed person and will try to become more disciplined, attentive and creative for keeping a journal with you, all the time.

55. Google News

Awesome source of knowledge and current affairs. You can read a new geography wise, topic wise, categories. It’s up to you in what way and for what purpose, you are using this news website.

Read news and then come up with your own thoughts you read on Google News.

56. Trade Magazines

Trade Magazine can offer plenty of insights into your niche and things you care about. Spare some time to read such trade magazine time to time.

57. Buffer

With Buffer, you can plan your social media activities. This is a good source for saving your time but not at the expense of being absent from Social Media. Try this out if you want to automate your SM related activities.

58. Flipboard, Pocket, an Aeon

Flipboard, Pocket, and Aeon Magazine are the hub of amazing thoughts and people. Get subscribe to these websites and you will find that you are far better and informed than ever before.

59. Psychology Blogs/Magazines/Etc.

I am a big fan of Psychology as it helps me to understand the world around me. Here are my favorites websites that I visit often to get information about latest discoveries, hypothesis, human behavior and about building strong relationships.

There are many more.

60. Photo Sharing Websites (Flickr, Facebook, etc.)

According to Pew Research Center, the number of people using the Internet and social media, are increasing every year.Almost 65% of the adult people are already using such website. In coming years, this percentage can go up to 75%.

As the number of people is increasing, content marketers are now creating content feasible for such sites. I encourage you to visit such photo sharing websites and get inspiration from them.

61. Business Executives and Leaders

They are people who run big firms and take important decisions.They have a lot of experience under their belts so anything that is coming from their minds will be really helpful for you for understanding how and where the world is going.

62. Industry Regulating Organizations

There are industries that are governed by respective regulatory organizations. If you are in such a profession, then keep an eye on the latest amendments they have made. See, if there are some new laws taking effect, etc.

63. Headline Formulas (Similar to Self-Help Magazine Titles)

One interesting way to come up with an idea is to first think about the headline. Following are the best places where you can play with headlines and then from there, can create awesome posts for your website or blog.

64. Procedures and Systems

You can also bring your procedures and system before your audience to help them understand how you do things on a daily basis.

65. Competitor Websites (Answer Questions They Leave Unanswered)

Remember, I had mentioned about looking at FAQ pages of your competitors? I am again emphasizing it here. See, if you can answer some of the questions your competitors haven’t in a detailed way. If yes, this can attract your competitor’s customers to your site.

66. Old Industry Advertising

Old school advertising was way different than the current models and methods. Still, it can give you something new to think and write about. Maybe you can get some inspiration for how to craft your sales copy. How to make a campaign slogan, etc.

67. Old Industry Manuals

You can refer to some old industry manuals for inspiration and leads. You can then improve them with latest updates, trends, and methods.

68. Famous Quotes and Proverbs

Quotes are always welcome. They are popular, they help people feel better, encouraged, and motivated. If you are not in a mood to do some serious research, then on that day, try searching some awesome quotes. They will help you in feeling better and come up with some new posts inspired by that quote.

69. Famous Theories

What are famous theories in your industry? Theories are often old and are practiced religiously. Can you come up with some your own new theory in which you can encourage your industry fellows to adapt it because it offers more ease, accuracy, and satisfaction? If yes, then go on.

70. Industry Software Knowledge Bases

Your software knowledge base part of the website is a place you can look at for covering new topics. Generally, your customers will be asking the questions in that section of your website. You can come up with even more details and solutions to the questions your customers are asking.

71. Support Forums

Supports forums are a good place for finding questions and things, people are struggling with. Just roam around some online support forum, even better if you choose your competitor’s website for this purpose.

72. Behind the Scenes

How your office looks like? How you perform your day to day activities. Letting your audience see your inner world can boost confidence level and bring them closer to you. Behind the scenes, content is interpersonal and loved by the public at large.

73. How It’s Made

Letting your customer know how you make things, write content, code a software or anything related to your business is a good way for generating new content. Needless to say, in return, you will get customers who will trust you and will become your advertisers.

74. Customer Reviews

Good companies do care what their customers are leaving as reviews on their products. Try to understand where your company is lacking, how can you improve user experience and produce something your audience desperately needs.

75. Your Company’s About Page

In a daily hectic routine, we often forget what our company’s mission and objective are. Have a fresh look at your company’s About page, get some inspiration and come back with some related articles highlighting things your company cares about.

76. Sneak Peeks and Previews

Are you coming up with something brand next in a couple of months? Is this something which your customers will love to know that is going to happen in some near future? If yes, then you can share some sneak peeks with your audience in form of a blog post.

77. “You May Also Like…” Article Suggestions

This section is a very interesting one to note. You can get inspiration from people who are writing content and are willing to pay money so that they have their articles at famous websites like, CNN, New York Time, etc.

They are paying money to reach more audience because they have already tested that these articles are performing well. So get an inspiration and write on the topics you often see in “You May Also Like” section.

78. Competitor Email Signups and Newsletters

See how your competitor is running his email campaigns. You will be a fool if you don’t subscribe to your competitor’s Newsletters. See what is it that she is offering in return of signing up with her website. Does she offer an Ebook? A checklist or some other type of content? Copy that strategy and come up with even better things. If it’s E-Book, write a better one and more detailed one. If it’s checklist, try to make an awesome more useful for your website.

79. Before and After Transformations

If your company has gone through some radical change, if you have changed your outlook, your website design, or anything, this can become a source of enlightenment for your readers.

80. Difficult Decisions

Can you help your audience in making better decisions when they are caught in a difficult situation.? Think about worst case scenarios like Bear Grylls and advice actionable solutions.

81. Seemingly Obvious Situations (Can You Write about the Converse?)

Instead of writing about the benefits of XYZ, try to tell the story in opposite way. You can write like, 10 harms of not doing XYZ. This will throw a new light and will help your reader take interest in your content since you are providing and letting them see things from a whole new angle.

82. Industry Myths

What are the most widely believed myths related to your industry? Do some research and come up with fact-based, factual and detailed posts in which you bust those myths.

83. Games

Games are a healthy way of living a happy life. It can bring joy to your audience as well. Is there a game you can embed into your website? Or is there a way, you can play with them offline? Think about it.

84. Sports

What’s your favorite sport? What lessons did you learn from playing that game?. For example, the sport of bodybuilding teaches discipline and hard work. Every sport has some lessons to learn and share.

85. Meditation

Mediation can help you live a peaceful life and at the same time can bring you new ideas that can change your life.

86. Challenge Yourself to Something

For stepping ahead in life, you will often have to accept challenges. Give yourself a challenge, announce it to your audience. Come up with regular updates on your progress.

87. Life-Changing Events

Talk about things that changed your life. Such articles are very lively, memorable and motivating.

Such personal stories get viral too and will become the reason for many people coming at your website.

88. Your Own Reviews

You are using so many things about whom you can write a detailed, honest and true review.

In my case, for example, I use Grammarly for checking my Grammar mistakes. I can go and write a review about Grammarly and encourage other people to use this tool for making their writing experience full of excitement and fun.

Similarly, you can look at the service you are benefitting from and can come up with a review for your audience.

89. Vacations

Going on a vacation is the funniest part of anybody’s life. I encourage you to have some off time and go some beautiful place. I hope you will get some new ideas during your off days, because, hey ideas often come when we aren’t thinking about them.

90. Fiction

Fiction is not the truth I know, but it can give you some ideas about your writing purpose. Read one or two good fiction books and see how can you copy them for your own purpose.

91. Give Strangers Fake Backgrounds and Stories

I actually read this in a blog post a few years ago.

A person on the show was a screenwriter. He said he watched people in public places and imagined fake backgrounds for them. He would see a couple and imagine how they had met and what kind of work they did.
Thinking about people in this ways trains your brain to think in new ways, and that can help with the content you create.

92. Pets

Pets are lovely, weird and funny creatures. Make a routine to get your pet our for a walk. These happy and funny moments with your pets will help you get energized and maybe along the way you get some inspiration, too.

93. Wild Animals

Along with pets, you can also go and meet some wild animals. They are fierce, strong and active in a very different way. Seeing them Live can give you some chills and some new way to pass your day.

94. Life Lessons

Life lessons that you learned through a harsh experience, your parents, teachers or one dear friend can be subject to your posts. People like such stuff. They feel closer to the writer when he tells his own story. Sharing such wisdom is contagious, get a lot of shares and likes.

95. Clichés

Cliches are the phrases that are commonly used. See, if you can pick up a cliche and then come up with an argument proving it wrong or foolish. Make sure you have facts behind what you are saying.

96. Sketching

One article in Time Magazine has highlighted the fact that sketching can improve your memory. According to the study, sketching is a good way of avoiding distraction when you are trying to write something. It is equally beneficial when you want to remain focused.

Next time when you are planning to write something, first make a sketch of your writing. You will save a lot of time and will remain highly productive.

97. Film Dialogue

Film dialogues can also trigger some inspiration for you. What’s your favorite film dialogue? Think about one and just expand it in a form of the post.

98. Song Lyrics

There was a time when I was broken in love. I used to listen to songs and read lyrics so that by getting inspiration for them I can write love letters to my girlfriend. This really worked for me. Similarly, this can be good for you.

99. Your Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is book reading. I read a lot of books. As I read a lot of books, I remain full of ideas and things I want to talk about. Similarly, your hobby can help you come up with something new, something that we don’t know.

100. Family and Friends

Whenever you find yourself stuck with some problem, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your family members and close friends. They will surely come up to encourage you. They can come up questions and suggestions that can really push you to see in the direction where you are not seeing on your own.

101. Walk Outdoors

We all writers have one thing in common. We all have to face writer’s block and it’s really a turn off for our moods. And, if our mood is off, how can we create something?

For changing your mood, I will give you just one simple tip. Just go out for a light walk. Spend some 30 minutes out of the home and just try to relax.

According to one study, the more steps a person takes, the better the mood they are in.

102. Have just a single 20-minute talk with your target audience member

Talking to your audience member you don’t know much can be scary, I know. For getting things formal and a bit cordial, you can come up with a questionnaire like this.

  • Why do you find interesting?
  • what major problems have you faced when it comes to (topic)?
  • What are you currently spending your time on when you have time for (topic)?

If the target audience member happens to be your friends, then even better. You can discuss on any topic fairly easily. The benefit of this 20 minutes talk is that it helps you and your audience member remained focused, and also it helps you to save time.

So this was it. These are the ways I have used to write content for my blog at different times for different type of content. See, what type of strategy will work for you.

Do you have a better strategy for creating content on a regular basis? Please share with me in the comment section below.

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