10 Ways to Speed Up Your Website — and Improve Conversion by 7%

My Website speed was terribly low. And the fun part is, I never gave this part of my SEO strategy a serious consideration ever.

But, yes I was frustrated with the way things were going on. So, I reached out to my friend Nida, to tell me what’s wrong with my website. She did some research and came back to tell me that one biggest factor is the slow speed of my website.

I then asked her to teach me how to speed it up, she said she can’t as she is managing a lot of things. But, she gave me a HUGE favor by gifting me a Udemy course. I learned a lot by watching that course.

I also recommend it to you if you want to learn basic SEO and how to speed up your website on your own.

I dedicate this post to Nida and here’s why. Because it’s only because of her that I am able to write this post, implement strategies and I have become a better webmaster who can do such technical stuff.

Now let’s go and learn why speed matters, what stats and studies reveal and what steps you will need to take to speed it up and save dollars by doing it yourself.

So the first question you need to ask is:

Why Speed matters for a website?

Why do we need a speedy website? Because this is the first thing your visitor is going to experience when she lands on your website. Even if you are coming at the first of Google, but if your website is loading slowly, the chances are your visitor will go back without interacting with your website.

I also did some research to back my opinion, and here’s what Aberdeen Group has to say about the importance of speed.

Aberdeen Group reveals what are the consequences of a slower website. An even one-second delay means a lot.

If your website is loading just one second later than your competitors’.

  1. You will suffer 11% loss of page views than a faster website
  2. Customer satisfaction percentage will drop by 16%
  3. You will see 7% drop in conversion rate

The world’s biggest online shopping website, Amazon also found that when they worked on speeding up their website, their revenues also increased. To be exact, Amazon

To be exact, Amazon reported 1% of revenue increase for every 100 milliseconds improvement in their loading time.

Similarly, another website of the online store (Walmart) experienced positive results when they boosted their site up. Their conversions rate improved up to 2% against

Their conversions rate improved up to 2% against a 1-second decrease in page load time. Source (Global Dots)

How people behave with a slower website?

Akamai published a report about what people think and behave with faster and slower websites. And what they did find is this.

  • Page Speed: 47% of total people who took part in a survey, said that a website should be loaded within two seconds.
  • Bounce rate: 40% of the contributors said that they will leave the website if it didn’t load within three seconds.
  • Loyalty: 52% of the people thought that if an online shopping website is opening fast, they think this makes me their loyal and returning customers.

But you know what, nowadays the average speed of websites have increased by 22%. In past, when there were no such flashy websites, when there were no sliders, heavy-duty plugins, websites used to load within 02 seconds, they were quite lightweight. But now as websites are becoming more responsive and flashy, they take more time to lead. On average, nowadays a website takes 7.2 seconds to load.

But now as websites are becoming more responsive and flashy, they take more time to lead. By average, nowadays a website takes 7.2 seconds to load.

Now see what your visitors are demanding, faster website!. They can’t wait more than 3 seconds. So, it’s really clear that if you want to beat the competition, if you want to win the confidence of your audience, you will have to speed things up.

Thanks to my friend I learned this, and I am going to tell you 10 things you can do to speed your website and enjoy higher conversion rates and profits.

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