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How to make your home office seem more professional for freelancing


Freelancers enjoy the freedom of working from home and in a casual workspace.

You don’t have to wake up early in the morning, suit up and sit in one place for hours.

However, freelancers sometimes do tend to get a tad bit too casual and can miss deadlines or have their work lack in quality due to the casual atmosphere. Today we’re going to give you six tips that can help you maintain some traditional office norms to maintain professionalism even at home. So no more worrying guys, just keep reading!

Keep all the devices and contact mediums separate for your business

In order to ensure your work emits professionalism, you should keep your email and contact number separate for business and personal use.

First, you need to keep a track on which device/medium your clients contact you the most. After that, you need to keep a spare one for work. How this is going to help you is it will never let your work mix with personal stuff and you will always be able to respond in time as there will be a distinction between work.

You should have all mediums of communication covered so that you reach out to the maximum number of clients Clients should be able to contact you through a website, email, social media and phone which should be answered in time during business hours.

Another thing while having these websites and email account is that you should have professional usernames. You won’t get many clients with an ‘I’m a’ now will you?
So my advice is to go with easy to remember and proper usernames to make them look professional.

Email Etiquette – Swear by it!

When communicating professionally through e-mail, you need to be mindful of a lot of things. First and foremost you need to consider the timing of your replies. While you might be up at 3 am and reading emails, your client might be fast asleep. You should hold off your replies till the business hours to make them seem professional.
Secondly, there is nothing worse than keeping your client waiting so send out those emails as fast as you can. Promptness is the key to seeing professional because otherwise, your client is just going to think you’re lazy and careless.
Lastly, your writing style is of utmost importance. Keep things professional and grammatically correct. You should seem like you mean business but should also give out a warm vibe making your client feel comfortable. We have a few tips for you that can we hope will help you!

Add a nice salutation

If you’re working on Facebook, have a pre-decided message which is automatically generated every time someone messages you
The message could have a greeting in it, also mentioning that you’ll get back to them soon enough

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be thanking me!

Editing is the key to success!

In the freelancing world, it all comes down to your editing. It might not matter if you’ve spent hours working on a project when at the end it’s filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

In order to make sure your work is flawless, consider getting some help. While you’re the best judge of your own work, there is no harm in getting an extra pair of eyes to review it and find mistakes that you might have overlooked. After all, we’re all humans! You can easily find pro freelancer services for a good price which can be of assistance to you.

Another alternative for you if you do not want to spend a lot of money is to use grammar sites like ‘grammarly’ which can help correct all your grammatical errors.

Face-to-face meetings with the client are very important!

No matter how advanced the online world has become where you don’t even know who you’re working for, face-to-face meetings are always beneficial. Any chance you get to set up a meeting with your client, you should take. It doesn’t matter if it is in a physical location or through video call, do try to make it happen.

Face-to-face meetings play a major role in building long-lasting relationships with your clients. They will be able to have a real conversation with you, understand you better and allow for a connection. This leads to a level of comfort that then settles into the professional relationship. It makes your work better and less filled with pressure. It also makes your client trust you more!
Initiate these meetings yourself as they give a nice impression. It makes the client aware of the fact that you’re reliable and willing to do the best job you can. Also making yourself available at the convenience of the client will also play a huge part in building a better relationship with the client.

Focus on customer service!

In the freelancing world, you don’t always have a customer care department working day and night to address the problems of your clients. However, there does need to be some support system where the clients can come and give their feedback and discuss their problems.

For a freelancer, clients = income and customer satisfaction cannot be compromised on as your earning depends on it. There are various phone apps out there like Line 2 that allow you maintain a separate line of customer care. Your clients should feel like they have the freedom and opportunity to discuss their problems if they seem to have any. It allows for them to trust you more and also improves the quality of your work.

A tip that we hope will help you focus on customer service better is to always think how you would feel as a customer. The kind of service you want for yourself is what you should offer to your customer. It will surely resonate with your work and will help you get more clients and also retain them.

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