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How can I overcome procrastination and not relapse again?


It’s a dream of every individual who wants to be productive: to overcome procrastination like a pro.

Procrastination is the number one killer of our dreams, as it comes in the way of becoming the very person we want to be in coming future.

It’s procrastination, of which, we become the victim and despite making future plans, we can’t accomplish them. We always think about our goal and say, ‘Tomorrow’.

I have studied and researched in detail to find out why do we procrastinate.

And, here is the answer.

We procrastinate because our mind wants urgent results of whatever we do. So it gives priorities to urgent tasks and pleasures, and delays life-changing big tasks to later. For our mind, working now for future rewards- feels like boring and painful.

That’s why, we watch TV, go out with friends or just waste our time instead of doing work that matters.

Another thing that makes procrastination harder to resist is that, for our mind, starting something is more difficult than to carry on something that has already been started.

These are the two main reasons for procrastination.

In a nutshell.

  1. Our mind wants immediate results rather than distant future accomplishments and rewards.
  2. It’s harder to start.


For the point number one, and to overcome procrastination like a pro, I have to give my mind the sense of immediate result and reward feeling, I break up my big goal into smaller pieces of the daily routine.

By breaking a big goal into smaller goals, you can overcome the procrastination, easily.

For example, if you want to write a book, then the best strategy will be to write 1000 words on a daily basis. Just make your mind think about writing 1000 words. Don’t let your mind think about your big goal of Writing a Book. Our mind hates big plans or things that look like they need too much time, efforts and energy.

By making small plans, you will be feeding your mind of which it is addicted- instant results. This breakup of the goal is the surest way to write a book within your deadline if that’s what you want to do.

Breaking up your big goal into smaller steps is also the best way to remain focused, attentive and disciplined. One task at a time is better than thinking about doing many things at a time.

So, now I think about only posting one post a day while my aim is to make my website that’s fresh all the time.

For the point number two- where I have understood that all the problem is how to start doing. Again, the strategy to think small will work here.

My goal to post one article every day has helped me in building the habit of writing articles without fail. I have been doing this for some time now, so to start something isn’t a big deal for me. I just wake up and out of habit go and do my work. Starting writing a post is my second nature now.

Dealing with procrastination is a daily task. Just like you have to take shower daily and brush your teeth twice a day, you will have to keep fighting procrastination on a daily basis.

Live an organized life. Have your timetable of doing important things and remain stick to them, no matter what. When you make a timetable and then hold yourself responsible to do what you have planned to do, you will eventually become a person to whom procrastination isn’t a barrier.

Also, please read James Clear ‘s article on this topic. I hope it will inspire you and will make you more productive, focused and the very person you picture yourself to be in coming future.

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