Self Improvement

Ideas for living a simple, free and happy life

Life isn’t that hard or complicated.

What I have observed by analyzing so many lives is this: They all have self-created problems.

We are no happier because we have started to find happiness, success, and recognition out there in the world. Our waking up early in the morning and going to be at night is just for the thing: Money!

Why dudes?

Here on the internet, marketing people are making millions by telling weird ways of making money. Things like how to be successful and how to boost blog traffic fast, how to get thousands of email subscribers blah blah blah.

But I am not sure how many people have actually become successful or rich after buying their products or acting on their advice.

Do you know any such guy?

It seems like there is just one thing in life that can open doors towards prosperity, wealth, health and fame. And that’s Money! Really? Is money the only thing we need?

For me that’s not. I have stopped chasing money.

I think this is the wisest decision I have made.

And now anything that involves making money is out of my life. Now I am looking for love, for peace and for things that don’t cost a dime.

Yes, I do need money but I am just aiming at making enough for running my home and living a respectable life. I am not aiming at making millions because this aim makes me just sad.

Here are the things I am doing for living a simple, happier and free life. I am damn sure if you start to live like I have been living, things will turn fine for you.

I read plenty of books. Here’s why: Books are the biggest door openers towards wisdom, knowledge, and experience. This habit has enabled me to think deep, to learn and become more mature.

I now value relationships more. Instead of building relationships with people who can help me make money, I have started to build the relationship with people who have no such power. In my experience, there is nobody who’s going to tell you his secret. Everybody is out there to steal your idea, learn from you. No one is yet ready to give away. The best scenario would be that they will agree to giving and take.

No more greedy relationships, just pure ones. By living a life where I have true friends have made me more happy, more connected and more concerned. I am thankful for such friends. They teach me a lot. They make me feel important. They make me feel like they need me!.

I found that the happier life is the one where you live guilt free. I try my best not to cheat anyone, not to harass or dodge anyone. From the mindset of gaining something, now I look to giving something. With my friends, I share my experiences, my best moments and words moments also. With my parents, I spend a good deal of time and let them feel that I am there for them. And that I love them.

Another area where I take things seriously and with diligent care is my wife. I love her with all my body and soul. I would say, I love her with my conscious mind, with reasons and logic. I am investing my time in building best chemistry with my wife. I talk with her, I plan our future with her and buy her simple things as gifts. She loves my simplicity and attention. Our home is better and more peaceful than it was last year.

I am also the father of my only beautiful, charming and intelligent son. No amount of money can compensate his one smile.

Along with this all I am also conscious about self-development. My everyday goal is to learn something new. Be it some writing technique, use of new technology, or reading Washington Post online. This helps me remain in touch with the world and also helps me knowing what’s going on in the world.

Ever since I have stopped chasing money and have focused things that are free, I am much more happier, free and living a life that has more value for me and the people I care and love. I also found that when I started living a happier life, other people also started to get attracted towards me. They come for just having a good time with me or when they need any kind of help.

I also know some people who are way richer than me but they are envious to my lifestyle.


My dear friends, I will also urge you to stop chasing money. Go for things that are free but offer tremendous happiness, satisfaction and a lot of love.

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