How to stay Super Motivated and Committed

Before thinking about staying super motivated and committed, you need to think about your goal.

Your goal or your strategy should be flawless. That’s really important. After all, the time, resources, and emotional labor that you are going to invest are all scarce resources. So you better think twice before committing yourself to anything.

Plan right, make the best strategy, in light of best-informed decisions. Right strategy, the right direction is the biggest motivational factor.

If you want to start an online business, make sure that you are choosing the right niche. Also, make sure that, you have sufficient knowledge about that niche and that you have the right type of people by your side.

James Altucher says that you should have at least six months expenses in your personal account before you start a business. This holds true for everything. You must have your own reservoir to keep your business running till it becomes mature enough to generate income.

If you are thinking to carry on your education, think about your natural inclination. Only take admission in a specific field when you are really interested in that subject. You will remain motivated.

Warning: Please don’t enter in a field where you have no experience or interest. I did that mistake by taking admission in ACCA. I wasn’t good at mathematics and I just kept failing in my exams. The only motivation I had when I had taken admission: Money!. I thought doing ACCA is the gateway towards six figures salary. But I couldn’t do it. Instead of earning money, I lost some thousand dollars.

Now that you are clear about your goal and have devised an awesome strategy, it’s time to stand out.

Aim for Excellence

Once you have set your goal, get fully involved in it and try to be expert in your field. The most of the people start their new venture and then do the ordinary work. Hence, they don’t get an awesome reward in return for their work.

It turns out there is no hope for mediocre people.

There is a lot of competition in every field. And there is only one way to beat the competition and rise to the top: Being excellent and remarkable! You will have to provide the best service, in your own remarkable and creative way.

When you are aiming at being excellent, you won’t settle for less. You will remain motivated to learn, observe and experience more.

Make a disciplined routine

You can achieve mastery on anything with sheer discipline. When you will remain motivated and committed when things will go a smoother way. This calls for a routine- a disciplined routine. Figure out what time of the day you are supercharged. Allocate this time for doing your most important work.

Each morning, make a to-do list and each night check how much productive your day was. Such a disciplined life will give you a sense of ‘achievement’.

Keep your expectation bar lower

When we are fully involved in our goal and are giving 100%, naturally our exceptions begin to skyrocket. We start to expect that our business should start to roll money into our bank account.

A writer starts to expect that his writing, his ideas should spread like a Virus. He expects a lot of shares, Twitter mentions, and the book offers from Harper and Collins.

Not that fast.

Please keep your expectation bar lower. Yes, you are doing the superb work, you are the best writer, and you are the best entrepreneur. But good things take time. The lower your expectations will be the more motivated you will remain.

For the true success, and true recognition, give yourself five years. If you have started a blog, keep writing and bringing up best content for five years without even expecting a return or reward.

Similarly, for business, you will have to do your best for a longer period of time. Yes, you should find ways to support yourself and to afford business expenses, but just be happy with the minimum reward.

Be Unbreakable and Unstoppable

During the course of following your dream, you are bound to face a lot of problems. You will see that resistance is coming more in your way and stopping you. Actually, resistance becomes fierce when you are near your goal.

People will start discouraging you and will say you better quit and do something better that can give you instant money. Don’t listen to them. Disassociate yourself from such people.

Instead, befriend with people who are ambitious, experienced, positive and are heading towards the goal you are heading to. Also, for the sake of motivational boost, read good books written by gurus in your chosen field. You will feel great.

Be unstoppable and emotionally unbreakable. Everyday work like nothing can stop you. Be mentally prepared for bad things to happen.

Every morning, I say to myself, “I am unstoppable”. This self-assurance helps me in writing a post daily. I don’t care about my stats, about how many people are reading or sharing my posts. I just have to write, and upload my post. This is the only job I have to do.

You too have to be unstoppable for achieving the true success. Always keep your project as “Work- In- Progress”. Keep learning, keep improving yourself and keep growing.

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