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07 steps to becoming influential and charismatic personality

Being influential and having a charismatic personality is a social skill. And the one you should proactively work to have by your side.

Who are influential people, by the way? The ones who have got a good social reputation. The ones, who live among the people, serve them and do something about what people are concerned about.

So how can one become influential and have a charismatic personality?

The answer is simple: she will have to become the voice of the people. She will be the one, who will come forward and become the guardian of her people’s interest. Someone who will talk and work for ‘change’. Someone, who will open the door of opportunities,. Someone, who will have the focus on people’s problems and will find reasonable solutions,.

Here’s the roadmap towards being influential and charismatic.

Being influential is the quality of a personality, so is being charismatic. You will need to have some good habits so that you can be viewed as influential.

Positive thinking leads to positive actions. So, in other words, I am encouraging you to become an optimist. Have good hopes in your life and for other people. This optimism will help you stand firm in your decision and will eventually make your impossible things, possible.

The person who showed us that with positivity and by remaining optimist is Nelson Mandela. I think he could live in a jail just because he was hopeful. Otherwise, he had been given many chances to get out of the jail, if he could promise that he won’t demand independence.

Have a close look on the people you think are influential. Observe what skills do they have and how do they use them. Influential people are the ones who have high moral and character. Read their own written books or read book people wrote about them.

Without enhancing your brain and increasing intellectual power, you can’t dream of being influential. Therefore, spend a good deal of your time for reading books about history, politics, religion, science and other. Your selection of books will be dependent upon what type of influential person you want to be. If you have the scientific bent of mind, read scientists. Similarly, if you have a philanthropic heart, read about history and politics.

Once you are clear in your mind what you want and are seeing flaws in the system you want to change, go and let people know what you think. For this purpose, you can launch your own blog or can simply use Facebook as a platform.

Be mentally prepared that not everybody will like your thoughts or the way you want things to change. At the same time, it’s important that you come forward as an opinionated person. You will find that where a lot of people are rejecting your thoughts, there will be few- who will be defending you. This divide in people will give birth to a Tribe. Your tribe, where you will emerge as a leader.

In order to be truly inspirational, influential and charismatic person you will have to be a good listener. Always be eager to let people talk first. While they are speaking, show them that you are truly listening to them with all your attention. All the good negotiators are good because they do one thing. They let their opponents talk. It’s human psychology that when you are talking with someone and she lets you talk your heart out, you disarm yourself. You start to feel like she paid you all the attention and that she really respected you. So this is the thing. Be a good listener, no matter who is talking. The more you will listen, the more people will love you.

Give people gift of love and they will reciprocate. Give people gift of your honesty, goodwill and they will find numerous and genuine ways to reward you back. Even more than you ever gave them. This is human nature. A true influential person is the one who rules her people’s heart. Her followers do things for her because they love her. Because they believe that, she’s leading them in a right direction.

So it turns out that being influential and being charismatic comes with responsibility. You will have to be their guardian. It will be your duty to train them, to educate them and you will have to keep bringing on new ideas and things that will make your followers more prosperous and happy.

Find unique and honest ways to make your people feel important.

Be the problem solver

We all have problems and few have solutions. You too have problems like all of us but forget them. Don’t give them a damn. Think about other peoples problem and think how can you solve them.

If you find someone in trouble, go and tell them the solution, for free. If you know someone who is in desperate need of money, ask your other friend to join you in helping her.

Similarly, enlarge your circle of influence by being active on the Internet. And with your expertise and golden heart, help people. They will be thankful to you and will say, how can we return you back. This will give birth to your online business, to your best seller book. Maybe you become the next one of the Times 100 influential people.

All the best…

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