18 Best Blogs by Women-2016

Today, I am going to show you some amazing blogs by women. Without a doubt, these women are doing impressive work. These all women are the living proof that if you really want to, and do the work with sheer discipline, you can earn online.

I appreciate them more than I do appreciate men for their extra ordinary commitment to blogging. Why? Because most of these are either married or single moms.

Again, I am really thankful to all these ladies who regularly inspire me through their work and are changing millions of lives on a daily basis.

Basic Blog Tips

Founded by: Ileane Smith. This is wonderful blog where she teaches all about how to start a blog and things associated with it. She also teaches about getting viral at Social Media platforms. If you want to grow your influence online, she can definitely help.

My favorite post at Basic Blog Tips is this: 7 Ways to Boost Your Business and Income in 2016! written by Enstine Muki.

By Regina

Founded by: Regina. I like her and the way she expresses her opinions. Just like IIeane Smith, she offers amazing blogging tips that actually work. She is out there to help you get noticed, loved by your readers and helping you stand out.

My favorite post at By Regina is this: 10 NON-ICKY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING

The Blog Maven

Founded by: Jeni. From the early childhood Jeni has been great in solving problems, creative thinking and making things work better and more efficiently.

Her blog is the extension of her personality and now she has turned her passion into a valuable service. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow audience, make money online or just to get inspiration from her.

My favorite post at The Blog Maven: Blogging Resources

CEO of Me

Founded by: Misty Kearns. She is an amazing and inspiring lady who helps people get better at their business. She is no doubt one of the most influential personalities in direct sales personality.

Here’s her life story and I hope you will become her fan.

Heather Allard

Founded by: Heather Allard. I found her a very amiable and interesting person who believes in natural remedies for our complex problems.

She has shown us that most of our problems like wellness, emotional health and financial stability can be achieved by using some natural oils.

Here’s her post about ‘Liquid Sleep’. Wow. Liquid Sleep: 5 Essential Oils to Use

Radical Entrepreneurship

Founded by: Marlee. She is the one who listened to heart, left her day job and became her own boss.

She is now teaching experts like coaches, authors, entrepreneurs: How can do they sell their digital products like celebrities and fast.

Here’s my favorite post of her: This Is How You Give Your Business Legs

The Middle Finger Project

Founded by: Ash. This lady is amazing. She is outspoken, opinionated and passionate about bringing the best inside of you.

If you are passing through lowest phase of your life, she can really bring you back and feel alive back again.

My favorite post by Ash: Read This if You’re an Impatient, Demanding, Self-Critical Tart Who Gets Mad at Herself When Things, You Know, Actually Take TIME. Very powerful writer!


Founded by: Amanda Steinberg. She is a Computer Engineer and was one of the highest paid programmer back in the year 2009.

But just like me, she wasn’t good in saving her money. In quest of learning the art of saving money, she launched her website. Now she is one of the best money manager and also one of the best trainer in money matters niche.

Here’s my favorite post from her website: I’m Not Okay With My Partner Paying for Everything written by, Stacey Gawronski.

Levo League

Founded by: Caroline Ghosn. Another amazing and inspirational lady.

She is making a difference in millions of peoples’ by inspiring and showing them how can they turn their passion into a life-long adventurous career.

At her website, you can explore tools and tips that can help you get better at making new connections, being noticed by the influential people and making a difference in work you do.

Here’s my favorite post at Levo, I hope you will like too. 5 Tips for Writing a Glowing Letter of Recommendation written by Erica Murphy.

Interesting thing: Levo is a Latin word that means ‘Elevate’.

The Muse

Founded by: Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos. They both are gorgeous ladies who are doing impressive and quality work.

Here at Muse you can explore companies, search a new job, find a coach to help you hunt a dream job.

If you need some career advice, they have excellent, experienced and talented mentors who write about broad spectrum professional help.

Here’s an article for the job seekers: 42 Resume Dos and Don’ts Every Job Seeker Should Know

Centsational Girl

Founded by: Kate Riley. She is one of the best interior-decorators I know and trust.

At her blog she shares tips about how to decorate your home, using things that have no apparent usability. In fact she is the master of DIY.

So, if you want to bring decoration while saving a lot of money, then Kate Riley is the person you need. She can really make your home ‘fabulous for less’.

Here’s her recent post: Tile Crushes


Founded by: Cassity. This blog is also a DIY blog. She shares a lot of tips and techniques to transform you home while having fun at the same time.

If you are passionate about doing things yourself, then Cassity is the right mentor for you.

Here’s her post about 25 Great DIY Shelving Ideas

Hither and Thither

Founded by: Ashley Muir Bruhn. A wonderful, famous and sought after travel and lifestyle blog.

The specialty of her blog and work is that she posts genuine and self taken pictures. She discusses broad range of topics, like family-friendly travel, home decoration, and about food.

Ashley is leading a wonderful tribe and has one of the most engaging, open and diverse audience.

Here’s one post from her beautiful blog: SCENES FROM A SECOND BIRTHDAY (Happy belated birthday, Skyler)

The Skinny Confidential

Founded by: Lauryn. Just like Ashley, she is also a talented, energetic and enthusiast blogger. Lauryn shares her thoughts, techniques and valuable tips about blogging, photography and home decor.

Here’s her latest post. MINI DELITES: CREATE & CULTIVATE

Prolific Living

Founded by: Farnoosh Brock. Prolific Living is the best option for people who are entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Miss Brock is the best mentor when it comes to gear up business and bring in substantial income.

If you have Farnoosh by your side, you definitely have the competitive advantage against your competitors.

If you are looking for establishing an online business, or you want to learn something about it, ask Farnoosh for help.

For now… get rid of false beliefs.

Oh So Pinteresting

Founded by: Cynthia Sanchez. Amazing lady.

She created OhSoPinteresting in inspiration of Pinterst. She fell in love with this website because it was due to Pinterest, that she found entirely new world of blogging, pictures and other virtual stuff.

Now she is clearly the Guru of Pinterst. If you want to get noticed there, want to learn about it or anything related to Pinterest, visit her blog.:)

Here’s her inspiring post / podcast: How to Succeed on Pinterest and the Meaning of Life OSP 100

Single Moms Income

Founded by: Alexa. This blog is the living proof that you can change your destiny if you really want to.

Alexa got divorced back in the year 2012. Did some deadend jobs but finally she found her way out of vicious cycle of poverty. Through Blogging and working online.

Whether you are in search of extra income or want to know how to start your freelancing career- you can get all information at her blog.

Here’s one post for the newbies. Extra Income

Work At Home Mom Revolution

Founded by: Lisa Mills. This website is a gift for moms who want to earn some extra cash by working at home.

Lisa is also an acclaimed author. Lisa regularly posts job leads at her blog.

I read her story and it’s worth sharing and reading: My Work At Home Story.

So this was it for now. If you know any woman blogger who is doing a great job and deserves to be in my list, just drop me a line at my email. I will be happy to incorporate her website here.

Image Credit: www.geisheker.com

Originally published at whrill.com on February 10, 2016.

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