Self Improvement

Reinvent Yourself for a better Tomorrow

If you ask me what’s the most important thing in life that you should do, I will say it’s reinventing you.

That’s the most important thing because the world we live in is an ever-changing place. Same is true for the Internet. Every day we see that something is coming soon on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter. This ‘Coming Soon‘ is the way these big social giants are reinventing themselves.

If you look at the big companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, you will find one thing in common among them. They are all striving for making better, sharper and efficient products. They are on the path of reinventing their organizations.

The day they stopped reinventing their services or products, their popularity and income capacity will take a nosedive.

And they know this.

Similarly, on a personal level, will also consider reinventing ourselves. If we have got good skills, habits we should focus to make them better. And where we are weak, our intention should be to root out those weaknesses.

Generally speaking, there are three main areas of our life where we can reinvent ourselves all the time.

They are:


This is the area where you should look for reinventing yourself. Whether it’s your wife, son or colleagues, we often have trouble in maintaining strong relationships. Think about how well controlled and efficient you are in relationships. Pay special attention to people with whom you live and work. The successful person is the one who has strong relationships. You need other people to help you live a happy and content life.

Professional Development

Very necessary for your growth and to be precise, for your survival. Without Professional Development you will remain stagnant. See, what new skill is there that you should have. Keep yourself updated with the current changes in your field. For example, if you are a computer engineer, you should have a fair idea about the current trend in Computer Science. For a doctor, it is necessary to remain in touch with new researchers, findings, and medicines. For a blogger, it is necessary to know what new SEO techniques people are using. What other successful bloggers are saying about where blogging is heading to.

Most of the organizations offer very cool Professional Development programs for keeping their employees up-to-date and enhancing their skills. Be proactive in taking part in such courses.

If you think you want to switch career, then again you will need to learn about the next field you are going to join. There are plenty of opportunities available on the Internet. Switching a career line and learning something new is now easier more than ever.

Money Making Capacity

Are you making enough money? If yes, then I envy you.

Nobody has earned to the extent where she will say, ‘I have made enough money, now I don’t need more’.

The is human nature, we always want to earn more than we are earning. Always think about how can you enhance your money making capacity. Think about a new skill you can learn for achieving this purpose. Or if you have already a valuable skill which you can sell for making money, then sell it.

For people, who are facing economic problems, then they should figure out how to earn a bit better. Make a short-term plan and then try your level best to achieve that goal.

Meet with people who are successful, who know how to make money. They won’t teach you at once, so be ready to serve them. The best way to get their attention and affection is to be their apprentice. If you want them to be their mentor online, then the best way is to keep commenting on their posts. After some time they will surely start to notice you. Even better if you send them emails wherein you appreciate their writing style, their way of communicating and their wisdom. Also, share their posts, recommend them to your friends for getting register for their online courses, etc.

If your mentor is the person you can meet one-on-one, still do the same.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

These are the three broad categories of our lives where we need to improve all the time. You know there is always room for improvement, so start from where you are now.If you are at the top, try to push the boundaries. If you are starting from zero, try to get in the middle of the success.

This continuous learning will be very beneficial for yourself, for your family and for the organization you are working in.

No doubt, reinventing yourself is the only way of being respectful, trustworthy, independent and indispensable.

Keep reinventing yourself!

Photo Credit: LifeHack!


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