Content Writing

My First Success with Writing

A journey from nowhere to somewhere

I have done a lot of experiments in my life. I believe in hard work and have always given my 100% but it never happened that any one of my undertakings met any success.

I chose to get certification in Accountancy. I knew from the start that it is an expensive undertaking for me. But I thought to give it a try. I gave extra time to my studies than my class fellows but when the result came I had always fewer marks than them. Despite dedicating myself to studies and leaving all the fun of life I was there- holding my scorecard depicting marks which really broke my heart.

I always wondered and questioned myself that why despite working hard my results are not that satisfactory. Somehow I passed four papers and then failure period began.

I thought not to quit and again appeared in the exam. Again I couldn’t pass my exams. I was really frustrated as I had poured a lot of money and that too in pounds. I was totally sunk in debts and I found myself telling that:

“Its the time to quit. Its not necessary that whatever I opt to do; success be my destiny. This accountancy thing is not for me. I am not created for doing accounting — preparing balance sheets and Profit-loss statements. Thinking ways of selling products to a layman who really don’t think that much.”

I know people are not good at listening reasons of failures. They always take reasons as excuses so I won’t give you any.

But one thing I would like to happily accept: I had to consciously work to understand accounting. It was a task which I was imposing on myself. My mind said to do it anyway because to my mind it was an opportunity to get rich and on the other hand, my heart was never happy to do what I was doing. It was a laborious task for me to work with mathematics and all the principles that really didn’t feel any worthy of interest to me.

Heartbroken, I started to consume a lot of time on the internet. Reading motivation quotes and reading other bloggers. By then my own interest in becoming a writer, an author developed.

I started to write and I found this act of writing a healing one. Whatever I thought I was putting it on paper. This way I found a vent where all my frustrations and depression were venting out. I felt light. I felt powerful that I have found what I was missing since my early search of — what I am! I found myself.

Nowhere but in books, I find real pleasure for me. Book reading is my old hobby but after reading — The Alchemist, suggested by my friend Mukul, I felt really motivated and urge to read more books began to arise in my heart.

I started to read a lot of books of the various genre. I read fiction, non-fiction, short stories anything which I saw I used to read it. At first, anything that I read impressed me. I had an empty mind but with time I got an eye of a critique and I started to weigh a writers ability. I got the ability to distinguish between good and bad writing.

After reading a lot; I wanted to write and world to read it. I started to send my articles, stories, features to newspapers and magazines. No one answered my queries and my work never published.

Frustrated I was but I never lost hope. I kept the routine straight. Reading, Writing, Repeat. And the day came when I found some editor on Twitter. I asked her if she could publish my article. Luckily, she said Yes and then after some weeks, my article was published. And then another. I felt really good when my friends started to know me as a writer.

I was happy that I got an opportunity to write. Earning from writing was never my motive but I was utterly surprised when that editor told me that she is sending me the cheque in lieu of writing articles.

Now I am really happy with what I am doing. Every day I am learning something new. I love to play with words. The act of writing and revising and re-revising doesn’t seem to be any labor to me.

If you are a writer and yet you have not found your success then don’t lose hope. Time will come when you will celebrate your success but please just don’t give up!

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